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Programs & Events

Maternal Mental Health Grief &
Postpartum Support (COMING SOON)

Our focus is to provide grief support for families (i.e. children, spouses/partners) who lost a loved one during childbirth, to mothers who experienced near misses, and to mothers postpartum by way of legislative advocacy and mental health provider support.

Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

A dedicated time for maternal health advocates and supporters to visit Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and the capitol in Atlanta, Georgia to advocate on behalf of mothers, babies, and families.

Father Engagement

An event dedicated to activating fathers in support of mothers and maternal health. The Dad Stroll will consist of fathers convening in a march as a form of advocacy and visual activism while walking with their children and babies in strollers down a major thoroughfare or street with signs and visual elements in support of 4Kira4Moms, Inc. and maternal health.

Housing Project for Father/Widower

Presenting a deserving widower who lost their spouse or partner during childbirth, or a single father of multiple children, with down payment assistance on a home. In the future, we envision providing renovation support for widowers with multiple children.

Kira Dixon Johnson Advocate of the Year Award

In conjunction with United Healthcare, we will award a maternal health “Advocate of the Year” as the highest honor bestowed by our organization to a deserving maternal health advocate who has served above and beyond their call of duty on behalf of mothers, babies, and families.

Kira Day Benefit Concert

A benefit concert in honor of Kira Dixon Johnson and other mothers who lost their lives during childbirth or postpartum stages. All proceeds will go directly towards our mission of ending the maternal mortality crisis.


Maternal Mortality Family Crisis Response Team (COMING SOON)

We aim to provide immediate support via grief counseling, diapers, formula, food, and other essential baby and family care items to families who lost their mother or spouse during childbirth and to mothers who had a near miss during childbirth.

Maternal Health Advocacy Training (COMING SOON)

Provide introductory training to a coalition of maternal health supporters, transitioning them from supporter to advocate with a course that teaches foundational principles of lobbying and advocacy. We will cultivate a private community where students and other supporters can stay connected while we actively build a coalition of support and unity publicly.

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