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The U.S. has the highest maternal death rate of the industrialized world.

4Kira4Moms is a nonprofit on a mission to eradicate maternal mortality.


We believe that to eradicate maternal mortality a third pillar of the maternal health ecosystem is needed. It is a time to bring a focus to paternal education and well-being, so that they can be of service and advocate for mother and child. 4Kira4Dads – Paternal Centers of Excellence (PCOE) will educate, guide, and support men who are married to, are partners with, or love Black women as they navigate throughout their pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experiences.

Join us this coming June 26,2024 (Wednesday) | 3:00 PM -4:00 PM (EST)

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“I Remember Mommy” by Talitha Anyabwele, a book honoring Kira Johnson. Pre-order on November 2nd.  A portion of the proceeds will go to 4Kira4Moms.

  • Maternal deaths out of 100,000

Black women are 3x’s more likely to die than White women from pregnancy or childbirth complications.

Women Die Each Year
Women Experience a “near miss” Birthing Event
Maternal Deaths in the US are Classified as Preventable

Our Story

In 2016, our founder, Charles Johnson, lost his wife Kira, during a routine C-section at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California. He founded 4Kira4Moms in 2017 as a response to his experience, to be a voice for other mothers and families facing unnecessary maternal loss, and putting an end to the maternal mortality health crisis. Black women are disproportionately affected by this epidemic, where they are 3x more likely to die from pregnancy than white women.

Kira Johnson’s Story

Kira Johnson tragically lost her life after a routine c-section at Cedars Sinai. Kira was allowed to bleed internally for more than 10 hours before the medical staff at Cedars Sinai took action. 

We fight to make sure this never happens to another mother. More women die in the United states each year than in any other civilized country in the world.

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Our Commitment to Transparency

We recently earned a Candid Bronze Seal of Transparency! Check out our nonprofit profile to keep up to date with our impact. We want to ensure you always have the information you need to support our work with trust and confidence.

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